The Grim Reality

3.9% of the total Indian child population (5-14 years) is forced into child labour

“The census defines a slum as “residential area where dwellings are unfit for human habitation”

Every year, 25% of students from low-income families quit school for various reasons

65 million people of urban India live in slums

Only 29% of regular school-going children from low-income families have access to private schools or career counseling

Only 10% of regular school-going students from low-income families have access to higher education

We abide by the following principles:

Each child is special and is motivated to be uniquely confident in their expression

The students are encouraged to learn by spontaneous application of their skills

The students take ownership of what they want to learn

High emphasis is placed on personalized training to and competency-based learning for the students

With special focus on children and youth from economically challenging backgrounds, Light a Lamp provides holistic guidance to face the challenges of the world with the right skills and attitude.

We Focus On


Communication and Confidence

India is at an important juncture to help replenish the gap among the global English-speaking workforce. Keeping a pulse on this need, Light a Lamp’s key responsibility is to groom its students to be able to communicate effectively in English and prepare themselves to meet these growing opportunities.


Logic and Rationality

Light a Lamp encourages students to embrace logic-based subjects without fear. They are trained and encouraged to communicate based on inferences drawn from observation, listening, analysis, reflection and evaluation.


Health and Spirituality

Most of the children and youth living in urban slums do not have the right atmosphere and role model to instil values in them. Light a Lamp aims to strengthen the value system of the students associated with it and frequently organizes various Art of Living courses that are well respected all over the world.

Light a Lamp creates a platform for its students where skills, expertise, resources and need-based guidance can be rendered by a team of successful professionals and intellectuals from diverse backgrounds.